1.  2   Retort Stands
2.  2   Split corks
3.  1   Inextensible strings
4.  1   Uniform meter rule/stick
5.  1   Stop watch
Considering these apparatus that will be used to carry out this year's Question 1 experiment, all students are adviced to visit 2009 SSCE Physics practical OR 2017 SSCE Physics Practical, and before continuing, it is assumed that you have done so. Thanks.
Welcome back, you saw what really happened in that SSCE question you where refered to, the only difference between that question and this current one is that mass was placed in the SSCE while NECO did not ask mass to be provided for the conduct of the experiment. While in the 2017 SSCE the same experiment was performed without without placing mass but students where asked to use two rulers tied together.

PROBLEMS:  the main problem with this experiment will be when the examiner's given thread length(inextensible string) becomes longer than the retort stand. Please if you have not tried setting up this experiment for such situation, please don't enter the examination without doing so. Another issue will be ensuring that both thread from the two retort stand are parallel to each other.